9 Years Of Us

You were once the little punkster (don’t lie it’s true) who rocked those frosted tips as my super cool neighbor. We used to talk long into the night outside and through the window screen when curfew hit. Never did I give you a second look until we met up for lunch years after high school and everything within my heart knew it was always you.

We thought people would be surprised after getting engaged only 3 months from our first date but no one batted an eye. Our hearts melted together just as well as our personalities fit. Suddenly it was as if everything was as it alway should have been.

Neither one of us is a soul to remain mundane. Thank you for the most jam packed 9 years I could have ever asked for. Good times, bad times, changing careers, changing degrees, having 2 amazing buys, living apart while raising our oldest for school, finding salvation in Christ, renewing our vows and buying a house. We worked with everything we had for almost a decade for “The American Dream” then realized what it really meant to dream and sold it all for the sake of adventure.

Every year I look at the middle photo on the left, I’ve even saved the email you sent it to me in. I think even back then we knew it was going to be forever. Maybe we even felt it as kids but we’re too young to see it.

As I promised in our vows from the mountain bike races of our youth to wheelchair races of our old age I will always chase after your heart.

Forever I have known you,

Forever I have promised you,

Forever I will love you.

Happy 9 years my love.